Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship

Turkish citizenship

Procedure for obtaining Turkish citizenship

Lots of foreigners apply for Turkish citizenship every year. Here is a short summary of what you need to fulfill to be able to apply for Turkish citizenship.

1 – Turkish citizenship by birth

If one of the parents is a Turkish citizen, the child will automatically be given Turkish citizenship.

2 – Turkish citizenship for adults

a) Application

The applicant must:

  • be of age and able to act according to the law
  • have been a resident in Turkey for at least five years and must not have left the country for more than six months during this period.
  • not have any diseases that endanger the public health.
  • have a basic knowledge of the Turkish language.
  • show how they support themselves financially in Turkey.
  • not have a criminal record.

The chances to get a Turkish citizenship can improve if the applicant has a valuable contribution to the Turkish society and/or its culture.

b) Application through marriage.

This is probably the easiest way to become a Turkish citizen. The rules that must be fulfilled are:

  • the applicant must be married to a Turkish citizen for minimum three years.
  • the couple must live together at the same address.
  • the applicant is no threat to national nor public safety.
  • the applicant must be accepted by the husband’s/wife’s Turkish family.

c) Application by investment.

According to the new law from 31/12/17, foreigners can get Turkish citizenship through investments in Turkey if one of the following demands are met.

  • the applicant buys a property in Turkey for minimum 1 million USD.
  • the applicant invests in a company in Turkey for minimum 2 million USD.
  • the applicant employs at least 100 persons in Turkey.
  • the applicant makes a deposit to a Turkish bank for at least 3 million USD.
  • the applicant invests minimum 3 million USD in Turkish bonds.

In order to obtain the citizenship, the applicant is not allowed to change the investment for at least three years.

d) Application for re-acquisition of Turkish citizenship.

Those who have lost their Turkish citizenship can reapply for it after living in Turkey for at least three years.

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