What is a TAPU?


TAPU mean title deed in Turkish and is a legal document showing that you own all rights to the property. On the TAPU is the owner’s full name and photograph, date of signing the TAPU, the name of the previous owner of the property and detailed information about the property.

(If you want, you have the possibility to be up to 10 official owners of one property)

How do I get my TAPU?

Everything regarding your TAPU is handled at the local TUPU office. When the transfer of the TAPU is made, you as the buyer (or your trustee with power of attorney), the seller and the translator meet at the TAPU office.

Before the TAPU can be transferred to you, you must have paid the full sum of the property to the seller. You also need to bring:

  • a copy of your passport that is at least valid 6 more month
  • 4 color photos in passport size
  • a tax number in your name. (You will get this from the local tax office, this is only to give you an ID-number in Turkey)

When the transfer of TAPU is signed by all parties, the purchase is done and you are the official owner of the property. You will also be registered as the owner in the property register.