Side is a small and quiet, but very popular, city not far from Alanya. The tranquility has made it extra popular among families with children. However, just because Side is a quiet place, doesn’t mean there is no nightlife. Among the beautiful white stone houses, narrow streets and ancient temple ruins there are lots of restaurants, a wide range of shopping, bars, and discos. And of course, not to forget, the beautiful beaches.

Activities and entertainments

Restaurants and cafés

Along the harbor and the picturesque streets, you find all kinds of food and drinks you want. From modern international food to amazing Turkish dishes. You can also enjoy a drink or a coffee from one of the many cafés.

Discos and bars

Even if Side is a historical city, it still has a really good nightlife. Lots of bars and discos are found here. The biggest disco is called Oxyd and takes between 2000-3000 guests and have two floors with a pool area.


When you are in Side you are not far away from Belek, the Golf Mecca of Turkey. Here are several different golf clubs with beautiful surroundings and professional courses.

Outdoor activities

Besides enjoying all the different beach activities you can do horseback riding, rafting, diving, jeep safari, Jet Ski and much more in Side.


Along the beautiful streets, you’ll find all kinds of shopping in Side. Here are shops selling clothes, bags, jewels, souvenirs and much more. Some of the more touristic shops are closed during the winter, but here are still bigger malls and other shops open.


Like in every Turkish city you have plenty of Hamams to enjoy. The saunas, scrubbing, and massages are going to make you feel like a new person with baby soft skin.

Historical monuments and attractions to visit in Side

Manavgat waterfall

You can come here by bus or with a boat from Side’s harbor. The waterfall has a beautiful nature where you can relax. Here are tables and hammocks where you can enjoy the day and have a nice cup of tea.


This is one of the most well preserved Roman theaters in Turkey and held over 15 000 spectators. It was built 1st century AD and is an impressing site.

The temple of Apollo and Athena

These temples are pretty much the landmark of Side. They are located by the harbor and are lit up at night, making them even more magical together with the view of the sea.

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