Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document that gives the legal right to a trusted person to manage your affairs when you are unable to participate.

It takes some time to complete a purchase of a villa or and apartments in Turkey. There are several processes and steps that need to be completed in Turkey and in Turkish. So unless you live in Turkey and are fluent in Turkish, we strongly recommend you to appoint a power of attorney. This way the whole buying process will be much smoother and more economical for you.

When buying a property in Turkey it is often the real estate agent or a lawyer that gets appointed as the power of attorney.

What can your appointed power of attorney do for you?

  • organizing your water- and electric subscriptions
  • transferring the Iskan to your name
  • help you buy, sell, or rent out your home in Turkey
  • make bank transactions on your behalf
  • make investments on your behalf
  • pay taxes on your behalf
  • conduct litigations and make claims on your behalf

When writing the power of attorney contract you are free to set the terms and state exactly what the person with your power of attorney are allowed to do in your name. You can give the person as much or as little freedom as you see fit.

In order for the power of attorney to be legal, you must make the power of attorney in a notary office in Turkey. You can also have it make and notarized in a Turkish consulate in your own home country. If the power of attorney has been made in your own country you must have it translated to Turkish a stamped with an apostil stamp.

You can revoke the power of attorney whenever you want. To revoke you contact the Turkish consulateor a notary. You also need to send a written notice to your appointed power of attorney and inform him or her that the power of attorney has been revoked. Make sure you get all the copies of the original documents as well as informing your bank that the power of attorney is no longer valid.

Another option is to put a time limit on the power of attorney when it is drafted, this way it will be useless after the limited time.

Different types of power of attorney in Turkey.

There are several different power of attorney in Turkey, however, there are only two different versions regarding buying a property in Turkey.

  • General power of attorney – this gives the appointed person the right to represent you in all matters.
  • Specific power of attorney – this gives the appointed person specific rights to represent you in specific matters, in this case, matters regarding buying a property. The specific power of attorney is the document most foreigners are using when buying a property in Turkey.

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