Kestel is a modern district on the coast of the popular holiday resort, Alanya. The district

has many beauties due to being between the amazing Taurus Mountains and Mediterranean Sea, having wonderful beaches and, a peaceful and quiet environment. Turkish and foreign people prefer Kestel both for holidays and settlement due to its various beautiful features. Kestel offers two choices for your stay. You can choose to stay in a place up the mountains and enjoy the amazing view of Taurus Mountains and a quiet environment. On the other side there is Mediterranean Sea with its beautiful natural beaches. This part of the district is livelier. For people who consider settling in the district or making an investment, there are many properties for sale in Kestel.

Kestel Alanya Weather Forecast

In general, Kestel has the typical Mediterranean Climate. It has hot and dry summers with a lot of sunny days. In winters it is warm and dry. The hottest months are July and august in Kestel.

Kestel Alanya public transport

Kestel has a very convenient location. It is easy to reach with a distance of 130 kilometers to Antalya and 20 kilometers to Alanya. It is also 30 minutes to international Gazipasa Airport, 134 kilometers to International Antalya Airport and 20 minutes from the famous Cleopatra Beach by car. You can drive there or use public transport to have a nice day at the famous beach. Taxis start from 3 TRY and charge 2.6 TRY per kilometer. For travelling around the district, and to go to centers of Alanya and Antalya, the buses are 2.60 TRY and tramways are 2 TRY for one ride.

Kestel Alanya Medical Facilities

In Kestel there is one public hospital named Rafet Kahraman State Hospital. There is a Kestel District Policlinic and a Family Health Center. You can visit any of these facilities in case you need to. You can also visit the larger facilities in Alanya, which is very close.

Kestel Alanya Population

The population of Kestel is approximately 9.500. 4.800 of them are males and 4.600 of them are females. In vacation season months, these numbers increase exponentially.