Kemer was just until a few years ago a sleepy fishing village. But the beautiful nature, pine tree forests and the azure blue water has made it the most popular holiday choice for a lot of people. So even if Kemer still is a quite small city, it has everything you need.

Activities and entertainments

Restaurants and cafés

You never need to go hungry or thirsty in Kemer. Along the beautiful streets, there are many cafés and restaurants to choose from. Here is everything from international dishes to real genuine Turkish food and drinks.

Discos and bars

Despite its size, Kemer has a lot of great nightlife to offer. Here are open-air discos and lots of bars with different types of entertainment.

Outdoor activities

The nature in Kemer is amazing and trekking in the Taurus Mountain is a great way to experience the surroundings. Kemer also offers boat tours, diving, various watersports among other things.


In Kemer, you’ll find both modern and traditional shopping. On Mondays, you can buy fresh fruit at the fruit and vegetable bazaar. And why not buy beautiful textiles from the big textile bazaar on Tuesdays? The most famous shopping area is the pedestrian zone - The port. Here you can find gold, bags, leather and much more.


You’ll always find Hamams in every Turkish city, so also in Kemer. Treat yourself to a baby smooth skin with the saunas, scrubbing and massage in one of the Hamams.

Tahtali with cable car with skiing possibilities

This is a beautiful destination where you can enjoy both the fun of the sea and the snow at the same time. The cable car that takes you up to Mount Olympos gives you a magnificent view over Kemer. At the top, you find lots of really nice accommodations, restaurants, a great opportunity to relax and several fun activities for the whole family.

Historical monuments and attractions to visit in Kemer


The antique city Phaselis was founded about 2500 years ago, and the ruins you see today are the remains from the Roman and Byzantine Empires. This historical treasure is located about 11 km from Kemer and is well worth a visit.


Chimaera is called the eternal flame because the fire in the rock formation has been burning for over 100 years, thanks to the natural gas.


Another beautiful ancient city is Olympos, about 35 km from Kemer. Nature, beaches, and history here are breathtaking.