About Kargicak

Kargicak is a district of Alanya, Antalya. It is famous for being a small resort village. Kargicak Alanya has a beautiful nature with Mediterranean Sea one side and Taurus Mountains on the other. It is 3 km from Mahmutlar and 15 km East of Alanya. It is developing and improving in terms of tourism with help of the municipality and local people. Kargicak is becoming one of the most popular tourism locations of Alanya. The clean environment and peaceful beaches of Kargicak offers the comfortable and relaxing holiday you are looking for. Also, there are many new investment where you can find modern properties for sale in Kargicak with its amazing orange and banana gardens.

Kargicak Weather Forecast

Hot summers, warm and rainy winters are typical features of the Mediterranean Climate of Kargicak. Holiday seasons last up to 9 months and you can enjoy many sunny days at naturally sandy beaches of Kargicak.

Kargicak Alanya Public Transport

Kargicak Alanya has a convenient location to reach. It is 140 kilometers from International Antalya Airport and 30 kilometers from Alanya Gazipasa Airport. Alanya center, which is a little over 15 kilometers from the district, is very close and has many activities to offer. Alanya city center is 136 kilometers away. Public transportation services work well in and around the district. Taxis have a starting price of 3 TRY and charge 2.6 TRY per kilometer. The buses are 2.60 TRY and tramways are 2 TRY for one ride.

Kargicak Medical Facilities

There are not many big hospitals in Kargicak, Alanya. However, there are nice small medical facilities, policlinics and family health centers. There are pharmacies to help with drug supplies and minor injuries. The services are working well in the district.

Kargicak Alanya Population

Kargicak has a population around 3000 people, 1500 of which is males and the other half is females. With the tourists coming to the district every year, the population triples in vacation season.