Erdogan Takes Oath and Starts the New System of Turkey


With the new executive presidential system of government in Turkey, he will be the leader who will guide Turkey to the transition period.

Erdogan took the presidency with a 52.59 percent of the vote and he took the oath for presidency on July 9. He commented on the beginning of the transitional period as “this time we came to the Presidency with all authority of executive organ as a necessity of the changed system of government.”

After Erdogan thanked his voters and other leaders who participated in the ceremony, he stated that he came to power to serve all 81 million people of Turkey. He also added that, as a country Turkey is making a new start to transforming into a new execution system beyond 95 years of history of Republic.

Erdogan also stated that, through his more than 40 years in politics, he has always been serving to Turkey and its people and he will continue with this new system of government, which is accepted by the majority of the people.