Disclaimer and Legal notices

Disclaimer and Legal notices

Summer Home Real Estate is working hard to constantly ensure that the material on our website is correct and up to date at the time the information is published. However, Summer Home Real Estate can’t guarantee that all information, including texts, renderings, links, graphics nor other items on our website, are correct or perfect. Information is constantly changing so it is possible that the content on our website becomes out of date over time.

Specifications, prices, features, plans, and availability are matters that will change without notice. All floor plans, maps, elevations, and drawings are artist renderings whose sole purpose is to give information. All specifications and dimensions are approximate.

It is not possible to rely upon an oral statement as a correct statement of facts.

The website and the information on it are provided only to “use as it is” and not as a guarantee (whether implied or expressed) of any kind. Therefore no responsibility can be held towards operators, owners, or content in links to other websites.

Summer Home Real Estate don’t accept any liability, damage, or loss of any kind due to any inaccuracy or commission in or of your reliance or use of any information on our website.

If you want, you can get all the mentioned features of the property that are mentioned on the website, written on the contract if you ask for it.

We cannot guarantee that our website, its content or the servers does not contain errors, viruses or has other harmful content that can be harmful to your computer or other electronic devices.

If you are not satisfied with our website, its content or material you are free to stop using the website.

None of the content in our terms and conditions will take away any responsibility Summer Home Real Estates has toward any person according to the law.

Privacy Policy

Summer Home Real Estate is committed to protecting the privacy of internet users.

Our website does not save nor collect information from any visitor. Also, we will not send any unsolicited information (SPAM) to anyone.

Summer Home Real Estate is using Google Analytics to log information and make statistics of which browsers and operating systems who are using our website, for the sole purpose of further improve our website and to make sure it is secure. None of this information will be sent nor shared with any third party.

The information we are getting by e-mail from our website is kept strictly confidential and will not be shared or sold to anyone else.

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