But the island has so much more to give! Like a great climate, beautiful beaches, authentic places, culture, beautiful sights, mountains, good nightlife, luxury hotels and good restaurants.

Activities and entertainments

Lania, Platres, Agros, and Moniatis

Charming villages that show you the genuine Cyprus. Each village has its own characteristics.

Troodos Mountains

Hereupon the majestic mountain you find wineries, artist studios, shops that sell their own products and chocolate shops. In the winter you can even ski from the highest top Mount Olympus.

Aphrodite's rock

This romantic spot is one of the most photographed views on Cyprus. According to the legend was Aphrodite, the love goddess, born here.

Wine tasting

Cyprus is a big wine producer and you can try wines either directly on the wineries or in local wine shops by a knowledgeable seller.


This is an untouched peninsula on the west side. Here is Cyprus’s biggest national park that attracts lots of hikers and bird watchers every year.

Restaurants and cafés

Because there are so many foreigners visiting and living on Cyprus, you can find both international and the local dishes. Grilled Halloumi cheese is a local specialty. And don’t forget to try the local wines.

Discos and bars

The nightlife and bar streets of Ayia Napa are famous all over the world. So if you are looking for a great nightlife, you found it here on Cyprus. Of course, there are more nice and quiet bars to enjoy your drinks if you prefer that.


Shopping in Cyprus is great, it can vary, of course, depending on where you are. But besides clothing and souvenirs, you will find top brands of watches, sunglasses, cameras, and jewelry at prices up to 30 percent lower than you're used to.

Outdoor activities

Besides hiking in the mountains or enjoying the water activities by the beach, you can also do jeep safari, boat tours, play golf or tennis and paragliding.

Historical monuments and attractions to visit on Cyprus


This whole city is on UNESCO's World Heritage List because of its rich history. The mosaic floors show scenes from the Greek mythology and are considered to be among the best in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Kykkos monastery

The Kykkos monastery is one of the most important and richest monasteries in Cyprus. The monastery is located at an altitude of 1318 meters in the Troodos mountains. The Holy Monastery of the Virgin of Kykkos was founded around the end of the eleventh century by the Byzantine emperor.


Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus and is a must if you want to see the “real Cyprus”. Since the Turkish invasion of the city in 1974, there is a very distinct difference between the Turkish and the Greek side of the city. But you will also see lots of other historical landmarks all over the city.

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