Cleopatra Beach Alanya


It is a 2-kilometer-long beach starting from Damlatas Beach. There are many sports and excursion activities going on there and it is a very famous beach with various nice features. It is one of the most famous beaches of Turkey and the world; many people from various countries come to see it every year. Its sand, sea, environment and atmosphere are unique, not the mention the amazing sunsets.

Know more about Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach has lots of features which make people pleased and satisfied. Spending a day at the beach is a special activity. You are surrounded by the history, safe and beautiful environment, the crystal-clear sea and many other qualities. Here are some of the features for you to have more information on the location.


Cleopatra Beach takes its name from the famous female ruler of Ancient Egypt Cleopatra who lived between B.C. 69 and B.C. 30. Legend says that, Anthony, who were one of the most important and powerful generals of the time, invades the Alanya area. Afterwards, he gives the whole area to Cleopatra as a gift. Cleopatra starts to live there in a special castle with a private tunnel which goes directly from the castle to the beach. She bathes in the Cleopatra Beach every day and therefore the beach and the surroundings were being improved continuously.


The golden sand of the Cleopatra Beach is famous. With a very large beach area, it hosts many excursion activities. You can enjoy the excursion activities such as parasailing, jet-ski, pedalos, etc. through the whole beach. These enjoyable water activities are outside the swimming zone.

The Sea and The Beach

The features of sea and beach of the location are marvelous. It has the golden sand on the beach and in the sea. The beach area is wide and the Mediterranean Sea is crystal-clear. It is shallow up to 8-10 meters. It also has a blue flag, i.e., it complies with the standards brought by European Commission for sea and lake waters considering many parameters including microbiological ones. You can look the underwater with a google and enjoy the view of the sand on the bottom, the rays of the sun and the fish clearly. It is a naturally fine sandy, clean and safe beach. Every year millions of people visit the beach from different countries because of its beauty. It is free to enter the beach and put your towel on the sand to enjoy a sunny beach day. However, you must pay some fees for lounge chairs, umbrellas or other services. There are beach buffets set up nearly in every 50 meters. You can find many of your needs there, including food and beverages.


Cleopatra Beach is very popular due to these features. Every year thousands of Turkish people and foreigners visit the location to enjoy this historical and natural beauty. In summer months it is so crowded that you may not be able to find a place for your towel. In winter it is less crowded but still popular. The remarkable part is watching the magnificent view of the sunset after a long day at the sunny beach.