A guide to how to buy a property in Turkey.


To make sure you will be satisfied with your purchase in Turkey, hire a real estate agent. This way you know you are in good hands with a professional that can guide you through the whole process.

It is a quite simple process to buy a property in Turkey. However, it is important to make it right from the start because it can be harder to deal with problems in a different country.

Start your research by looking at the objects on our website. Compare prices, locations, advantages and disadvantages of the different properties and find which one is best suited for you.

When you know what type of property and location you want here in Turkey, we at Summer Home Real Estate will supply you with options according to your requests and budget. We will of course also help and guide you through the whole buying process.

Make your financial plan before buying a property in Turkey.

Before you decide to come to Turkey to buy a property it is important that you first check your financial status. Discuss your economic situation with your bank if you need a loan. Then you know what kind of budget you have and it will prevent you from disappointments if there should be a problem with the finances after you find the property you want to buy.