FAQ: Find the Answers to All Your Questions


Most frequently asked questions

Can I, as a foreigner, buy a property in Turkey?
Of course, you can!

Can I get a residence permit if I buy a property in Turkey?
Yes, like any other foreigner you can get a residence permit after applying and providing all necessary documents.

If I buy a property in Turkey, do I need to have a residence permit?
No, that is not necessary.

Are there any special restrictions I need to be aware of when buying a property in Turkey?
Yes, the property can’t be in any zones of historical importance, military zones, forest zones or primary agricultural zones. The property must also have a title deed. All properties that we sell at Summer Home Real Estate follow these rules.

Can I buy more than one property in Turkey?
Yes, there are no limits on how many properties you buy in Turkey

Who decides the price of the property?
The construction company sets the price for all new properties. This price should always be the same no matter if you buy it from the construction company or a third party.

Why should I buy a property through a real estate agent?
A  registered real estate agent is a professional and will help you through the whole purchase process. In general, it is not very difficult to buy a property in Turkey by yourself. However it is important that everything is handled correctly from the beginning, otherwise, it can feel overwhelming to try to handle problems by yourself in a foreign country with another language.

What do the locals think about foreigners?
Hospitality is a big part of the Turkish culture, so you can be sure you will feel welcome.

Do I need to learn Turkish?
It is not necessary for you to learn Turkish since a lot of people here are able to speak English, German and/or Russian. However, if you learn a few words or phrases, you will see big smiles and an even bigger hospitality. It is quite a few foreigners that bother to learn Turkish, so every attempt you do to try to speak, even just a few words, is greatly appreciated by the locals.

How are the flight connections?
The connections are good. The closest airports are Antalya International Airport and Gazipasa Airport, both are open all year.

How is the healthcare in Turkey?
The healthcare system in Turkey is very good and works with three different types of hospitals: public hospitals, university hospitals, and private hospitals. Most hospitals accept international insurances. All types of hospitals meet international standards regarding the equipment’s quality and the specialist skills of the staff.

Are there any international banks in Turkey?
Yes, there are. HSBC is one the biggest international banks. You might also recognize Turkish banks that have expanded to Europe, such as Is Bank, Garanti Bank, and Akbank.

Can I, as a foreigner, get a bank loan in Turkey?
Yes, you can. Most banks grants loans to foreigners with fixed interest rate and 10 years installment.  

How do I buy a property in Turkey?
When you have found the home of your dreams in Turkey a contract is signed and when the full purchase price is paid you’ll get the title deed for the property. For more details about the purchase process, click here.

What is a TAPU?
TAPU means title deed in Turkish. This is a legal document showing you are the owner of a property. All properties must have a TAPU made by the TAPU office.

How long do I need to wait before I get my TAPU?
In general, you’ll have your TAPU within two days after you paid the full price of the property.

Can I get a home insurance for my property in Turkey?
Of course, you can. We at Summer Home Real Estate can help you to find a suitable insurance company.

Can I get help with the interior decorating of my residence?
Of course! Summer Home Real Estate supports you even after the purchase,  Summer Home Real Estate offers also interior packages if desired.

What about the inheritance of the property?
If the owner of the property should die, the spouse or children will inherit the property unless anything else is stated in a testament.

If I should sell my property in Turkey, can I bring the money to my home country?
Yes, you can. There is nothing that prevents you from bringing the money to your home country. Just remember to pay the revenue tax from the sell.

Can I rent out my property in Turkey?
Of course! This is a smart way to make some extra money when you are not living permanently in Turkey. Just keep in mind you have to pay tax on the rental income you get.

Can I import furniture or vehicles?
There is no problem to import furniture or vehicles to Turkey if you wish it. However, the costs of transportation and customs duties are high. We at Summer Home Real Estate instead recommend you to buy your vehicles and furniture in Turkey.

What is an ISKAN?
ISKAN is a completion certificate that all properties must have. This document is issued by the township to show that the construction company has received all necessary approvals to build the property. You will also need the ISKAN to be able to start a water- and electricity subscription in a new property.