Buying a Property in Turkey

Buying a Property in Turkey

How to buy a property in Turkey.

We at Summer Home Real Estate give you all the information you need when buying a property in Turkey.

The purchasing process.

The purchasing process is about the same in Turkey as in most European countries. The deposit is paid at the same time as the contract is signed, and the full payment of the purchase is given when the transfer of the title deed (TAPU) is made.

What documents are needed?

  • Your passport and a copy of the passport
  • 6 passport size photos
  • A bank account in a Turkish bank (not really necessary but convenient)
  • Your Turkish tax number
  • Notarial power of attorney giving us the right to act on your behalf to complete the purchase process if you have to leave Turkey before the process is completed.

Additional one-time costs when purchasing a property in Turkey to be aware of.

Besides the price of the property, the following expenses will be added:

  • Power of attorney – approx. 100 Euro
  • Translator – approx. 50 Euro
  • Transaction fee – approx. 4% of the assessed value.

The contract.

Once you have found your dream home and decided to buy it, a contract will be made and the deposit must be paid. When all parties have signed the contract and the payment of the deposit has been paid, the contract becomes binding.

The amount of the deposit varies, but in general, it is about 10% of the purchase price. You will lose this deposit in the unlikely scenario that you wish to withdraw from the contact. However, if the seller chooses to cancel the contract, you are entitled to have your deposit back.

To prevent misunderstandings, Summer Home Real Estate ensures that the contracts are also drawn up in your own language.

Complete the purchase.

To complete the purchase, buyer and seller (or the person with power of attorney) must be personally present at the TAPU office to transfer the TAPU to the new owner. For those who do not manage the Turkish language is required to have an official translator present to witness the signing of the documents. The purchasing process is completed when all documents are signed and the full price is paid to the seller. This means the ownership of the property is transferred to you and all your data is registered in the land register.

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