Best Places to Live in Turkey for Families

Best Places to Live in Turkey for Families

Best Places to Live in Turkey for Families

It is popular with its tourism, too. Many foreigners prefer Turkey for settlement purposes by buying properties here because it has a friendly and multicultural environment. Most of Turkey is modern and offers wide variety of beauties. The qualities of life, standards and conditions change from region to region, but the beauty of its coasts and nature is breathtaking everywhere.

Location Suggestions for Families to Live in

The diversity of the regions of Turkey offers a great deal of choices for people who want to live in Turkey. From climate to environment, there are many different features of different cities. Here are some suggestions to help your decision.


In Istanbul, you can have the opportunity to live in a metropolitan city, since it is the largest and most crowded city of Turkey. It has amazing historical places and never-ending cultural activities. Additionally, it is suitable for you to live with your family. It has many opportunities and a high life standard. You can enjoy the marvelous view of Bosporus, wander around historical streets of the city and live in modern and elegant properties of Istanbul in your everyday life.


Antalya is a big city with numerous things to offer not only for tourists but also for people who settled there. Between the amazing Mediterranean Sea and marvelous Taurus Mountains, it has many districts of different kinds. You can choose more lively ones or more peaceful and quiet ones according to your lifestyle. Its services are well-working and it offers many modern and elegant properties in well-maintained complexes. It is comfortable as well as enjoyable to live in Antalya, especially with your family.


Alanya is a district of Antalya, but it has its own culture and lifestyle. It is a popular location both for tourists and foreign people for living. The nature and amazing Mediterranean Sea offers to add amazing sunny days at the beaches or camping/picnicking in marvelous natural places to your daily life. For families, it offers both the peaceful and calm life, and many entertainment facilities and excursion activities to have fun.


Bodrum is the place of joy, pleasure and high-standard of living. It offers a calm and peaceful environment, together with safety and clean atmosphere for your family. The services are well-working and all facilities are high-quality in Bordum. It looks like a city from fairytales with its white and blue setting with low buildings and many boats in marinas.


Side is the perfect location for people who prioritize calmness and peace in their lives. It is a popular location but not too crowded. It offers numerous historical sites and many cultural activities. It has amazing beaches and beautiful nature. You can also find entertainment facilities and excursion activities to have fun with your family, whenever you want.

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