Paradise Golf Villas
Location Antalya
Room 3+1,4+1
Sizes 220²,270²
500 m
25 km
ID: 3505

The beaches, the beautiful nature, and the calm atmosphere have made many people fall in love with Belek. In general golfers, families with smaller children and people looking for peace and quiet comes here.

Activities and entertainments

Garden of Tolerance

This is a beautiful park in the heart of Belek, where a mosque, a church, and a synagogue stand side by side as a symbol of tolerance and a peaceful coexistence.


There are no less than 14 world class golf courses in Belek. The courses are well designed and have beautiful surroundings.

Restaurants and cafés

In the center of Belek, you find nice restaurants and cafés that serve local and international food and drinks.

Discos and bars

Belek is a quite small city but there are some discos and bars.

Outdoor activities

The beautiful nature in Belek invites to lots of trekking possibilities and on the beach, there are several water activities. You can also do jeep safari, horseback riding, boat tours, rafting, and climbing.


The shopping in Belek is good but not huge. Here are local shops and you are not far away from bigger shopping malls.


A visit to the Hamam is the perfect ending from a day of golfing or being on the beach. Relaxing in the saunas and to get scrubbed and massaged will make you feel like a new human being, and give you great skin and soften sore muscles.

Historical monuments and attractions to visit in Belek

For information about historical monuments to visit close to Belek, please read more under Antalya, Side, and Alanya.