Apartments for sale in Turkey

Lory Queen Residence
Location Alanya
Room 1+1,2+1 dp
Sizes 63²,110²
200 m
30 km
ID: 1139
Aura Blue Apartments
Location Alanya
Room 2+1 dp,4+1 dp
Sizes 116²,216²
300 m
130/35 km
ID: 1088
Olive Garden
Location Alanya
Room 1+1,3+1 dp
Sizes 66²,153²
600 m
90/60 km
ID: 1171
Emerald Dreams
Location Alanya
Room 1+0,4+1 dp
Sizes 37²,160²
300 m
100/65 km
ID: 1159
Eco Marine Residence
Location Alanya
Room 1+1,3+1 dp
Sizes 68²,232²
300 m
145/25 km
ID: 1238
Konak Seaside Tower
Location Alanya
Room 1+1,2+1
Sizes 72²,135²
25 m
145/30 km
ID: 1206
Elite Admiral Residence
Location Alanya
Room 1+1,3+1 dp
Sizes 90²,258²
700 m
110/50 km
ID: 1031
Crystal Park
Location Alanya
Room 1+0,6+1
Sizes 56²,310²
900 m
125/40 km
ID: 1027
Sfera Residence
Location Alanya
Room 1+1,3+1 dp
Sizes 70²,185²
100 m
130/30 km
ID: 1119
Crystal Tower
Location Alanya
Room 1+1,2+1 dp
Sizes 77²,139²
800 m
120/40 km
ID: 1039
Orion Garden IV
Location Alanya
Room 2+1 dp,3+1 dp
Sizes 112²,153²
550 m
100/65 km
ID: 1058
Crystal River
Location Alanya
Room 2+1 dp
Sizes 127²
800 m
125/40 km
ID: 1089

About Turkey

Turkey has been a popular holiday destination for decades, but this wonderful country has so much more to offer besides amazing beaches. Why not visit sites like Cappadocia, Pamukkale or the Dead Sea? Or big cities like Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir and experience all their culture in combination with being a modern city?

Buying an apartment in Turkey

Many people have fallen in love with Turkey through the years and decided to buy a home here. All the years of experience of selling properties to foreigners have made the variety of options here endless. Through the year’s quality, locations, layouts, and facilities have been adjusted to satisfy the requests of the buyers so everyone can find their dream home in Turkey.

About Summer Home Real Estate in Alanya

Summer Home Real Estate has over 15 years’ experience of selling properties in Turkey. We focused on customer satisfaction already from the start, and it has paid off. Today we are one of the highest recommended real estate companies in Alanya, a reputation we take great pride in.

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