Activities and entertainments


This amazing aquarium has over 40 different themes with tens of thousands of fishes and sea animals. They even have a Snowworld where they produce real snow and build igloos.


The old part of Antalya is called Kaleici. Here are plenty of narrow, winding alleys and cozy shops and a beautiful view over the harbor.

Aktur Lunapark

This is an old-fashioned Tivoli and an absolute highlight from children with its carousels, Ferris wheels, and games.

Restaurants and cafés

In Antalya, you’ll find all kinds of food and drinks, both from all over the world to the typical Turkish. Most popular, are, of course, the cafés and restaurants overlooking the harbor.

Discos and bars

Antalya has a very intense nightlife and there is something for every desire. You can choose from several modern and big discos to the small bars with Turkish live music.

Outdoor activities

Except for all the different water activities you can do on the beach you can also enjoy trekking, skiing, diving, rafting, and boat tour to mention some.


Antalya mixes the modern big malls with international brands with typical small Turkish shops in the small alleys. You find everything from high fashion brand shoes to exotic spices.


It is not possible to go to Turkey without going to a Hamam, so also in Antalya. Have a real treat day and let the personnel of the Hamam wash, scrub and massage you till you feel like a new person. The saunas and scrubbing take away all the dead skin cells and help with the blood circulation.

Historical monuments and attractions to visit in Antalya


This is the ruins of a beautiful city about 30 km outside of Antalya and well worth a visit. There are historical mentions from as early as from 334 BC that mentions Termessos.

Hadrian's triumphal arch

Hadrian's triumphal arch was built in 130 AD to celebrate the visit of the Roman Emperor. Today the arch is like a transition between the old and the new parts of Antalya.


Perge was a city where the Hittites lived for over 3000 years ago before the Greeks came. Today the city is in ruins and archaeological excavations are still being done here and new interesting history is still being discovered.

Archaeological Museum

This museum is full of well-preserved treasures from the religion’s rich history. Among the most popular items is the Roman statues from Before Christ and the tooth that is said to belong to Santa Claus, St. Nikolaos.

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