Alanya is an amazing pearl by the Mediterranean Sea and has for many years been a popular holiday destination. Most people come to Alanya because of the beautiful beaches and warm climate, but Alanya has so much more to offer. Here is something for everyone! You’ll find culture, nightlife, shopping, great food, fantastic nature, outdoor activities, things to do for the kids and much more.

Activities and entertainments

Cable car

This is the newest attraction in Alanya. The cable car that takes you from Damlats up and down to the castle. This is the easiest way to get up to the castle and gives you an amazing view over Alanya and the Kleopatra Beach at the same time.

Dolphin show and Aqua Park

In this park, you can swim in a pool with an artificial coral reef together with fishes in all the colors of the rainbow. Here you can also enjoy the dolphin show and for an extra fee even swim together with the dolphins.

Outdoor activities

In Alanya, you find lots of outdoor activities such as rafting, horseback riding, scuba diving, mountain climbing, trekking, jeep safari, boat tours and much more.


Hamam is a Turkish bath where you sit in a salt sauna and/or a steam sauna before you go into the Turkish bath. Here you lay down on a warm marble plate and the hamam personnel will scrub off all your dead skin cells. After the scrubbing, you’ll get a nice massage. When you leave the hamam you’ll feel like a new person with baby skin.


Whatever you want to buy, you can find it in Alanya. Among the things you can buy are leather, jewelry, souvenirs, clothes, shoes, bags and handmade carpets, just to mention a few.

Restaurants and cafés

You will never go hungry in Alanya. Turkey is famous for its cuisine and you will not be disappointed with the Turkish food. You can choose from fine-dining restaurants with international food to the real genuine Turkish restaurants. The cafés servers everything from the classical Turkish tea to the most flavored coffee drinks.


In Alanya, the night never ends. Most of the discos are located in the harbor so they are easy to find. Not far from the harbor is the bar street with great music, drinks, and entertainment. One of Alanyas biggest disco is Summer Garden. It is located a bit outside of the city but there are special disco buses taking you there and back.

Historical monuments and attractions to visit in Alanya

Castle of Alanya:

No one knows exactly when this impressive castle was built but there are mentions of it as early as 4th century BC. The wall is about 6 km long with 150 guard towers, which made it almost impossible for enemies to attack. The highest point of the castle is 250 m over the sea and gives a stunning view over the whole city.

The Red Tower

This octagon tower is located in the harbor and was built 1226 primary to defend the shipyard. Today the 5 story tower is used to host different exposition as well as a big tourist attraction.

The Shipyard

The Shipyard is about 700 years old and was mostly used to ship slaves from the Dead Sea to Egypt. It is not in use today, but you are able to go inside to look.

The Damlatas cave

The cave wasn’t discovered until 1948. Inside the cave, there are beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. The temperature inside the cave is always a nice 22-23 degree and the humidity is about 90%. A lot of people suffering from asthma and respiratory disorders visit the cave to help with their conditions.

Dim Cay Cave and the Dim Cay River

The Dim Cave is 360 meters long and is considered to be one of the most impressive caves in Turkey. It is located on the Dim Cay River. This river is created by the meltwater from the mountains, making the water cool and creating a lush nature around the river.

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